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How can I help myself to sleep well?

Nov 30, 2021

In this blog we’ll briefly describe some ways to give yourself a better chance of sleeping well. Normally, sleep just happens naturally, and we don’t even think about it. Sometimes, however, we find ourselves...

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Face to face sessions

May 31, 2021

We have now resumed offering in-person, face-to-face sessions at our premises at Broughton Shopping Park, so you can choose this option if you prefer it to online video sessions or phone sessions. In offering...

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What happens when I sleep?

Apr 7, 2021

This is the second of three blogs about sleep. It describes what normally happens in healthy sleep. We begin by outlining what happens in your brain to get you off to sleep, and then describe what happens...

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Blue Monday

Jan 18, 2021

Is “Blue Monday” the most depressing day of the year? Is it the day when more people in the U.K. feel depressed than on any other day of the year? No, it’s complete fiction. It was made up on behalf of travel...

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Insufficient sleep is bad for your mental health

Oct 11, 2020

Insufficient sleep isn't just a consequence of mental health difficulties; it can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, anger, and other problems too. This article outlines some of the negative effects of poor...

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Ways our thinking can go astray

Sep 28, 2020

If we’re depressed, anxious, stressed, or angry we may be having negative, unwanted thoughts that stop us living the life we’d prefer: “nothing’s going right for me”, “everyone will be staring at me”, “I’m a...

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