Services for Individuals


Lemons to Lemonade offers both Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology. Psychotherapy is an alternative to counselling that uses evidence-based therapeutic approaches that can help if you have emotional difficulties such as stress, anger, depression, anxiety, worry, low mood, low confidence or self-esteem, panic, or phobias. Clinical Psychology is more appropriate than Psychotherapy or counselling if you have more complex, severe, or long-standing difficulties.

Life Coaching

If life feels unfulfilling or you’re looking for a new direction, Life Coaching can help. You may be looking for something new after a major life change or be fed up with one aspect of your life, whether it’s health, relationships, career, what to do after retirement...Life Coaching helps you to explore, discover, and prioritise your personal goals.

Career, Work, & Business Coaching for individuals

Work can throw up all kinds of problems: stress, exhaustion, anxiety, being bullied. You might want help in improving your skills and effectiveness at work: for instance in giving presentations or working in teams. Or you might want to explore what you want from your future career. Lemons to Lemonade offers Career, Work, and Business Coaching for individuals whatever your specific issues.

Psychological Well-Being Workshops

Lemons to Lemonade runs a series of workshops for individuals and couples that are aimed at helping you discover how to develop and maintain your psychological well-being. We run a full-day Psychological Well-Being Workshop, and half-day workshops on specific psychological well-being topics such as our Stress and How to Deal With It Workshop and our Anger and How to Deal With It Workshop.

Parenting Workshops

Psychological research has shown that the keys to good outcomes for children are positive attachment relationships; caring, consistent and boundaried approaches to parenting; and a stimulating and social environment. But what does this mean in practice, how do you do it, and how do you go about making changes if things have got a bit off track?