Workshops For Organisations

Staff well-being

Organisations are increasingly aware of the costs of poor psychological well-being among staff. It can lead to reduced motivation, reduced productivity, and high rates of absence due to sickness.

Team Effectiveness Programmes

Effectiveness in organisations can depend on technology, logistics, and on organisational processes, but it also depends on people and teamwork. Lemons to Lemonade offers two programmes to enhance your organisation’s effectiveness.

Strategy Formulation Workshops for Small/Medium Organisations

All organisations have goals – the things they seek to achieve. A Strategy is a plan to achieve an important goal. However even the largest of organisations have limits on the resources, time, money, and people they can deploy in the pursuit of any goal; these constraints are more severe for small and medium-sized organisations.


But how to come up with new ideas that customers will find appealing and compelling? Large companies have high-powered consumer insight teams, well-oiled marketing planning processes, and the ability to hire expensive, specialist London-based innovation agencies to support them in this.

Consumer Psychology Consulting

Many companies sell to consumers; and many public sector organisations interact with or serve the public. When you’re planning a change (for instance, preparing to launch a new product or service, or implement a new policy) a lot can hang on whether the consumers or members of the public you’re aiming at respond in the ways you hope. But all too often they don’t.