Consumer Psychology Consulting

Many companies sell to consumers; and many public sector organisations interact with or serve the public. When you’re planning a change (for instance, preparing to launch a new product or service, or implement a new policy) a lot can hang on whether the consumers or members of the public you’re aiming at respond in the ways you hope. But all too often they don’t. To adapt the military truism 'no plan survives first contact with the enemy', no plan survives first contact with the consumers or members of the public that it’s aimed at.

Modern social psychology and its offshoot, consumer psychology, have a wealth of insight to offer to help organisations get better at predicting how consumers/members of the public will respond to changes.

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However much of it is inaccessible to commercial marketers, social marketers, and organisational strategists. It’s often locked away in the academic literature, and the range of popular books purporting to make it more accessible can be selective or misleading.

Lemons to Lemonade provides a bespoke consultancy service by an expert in the field of consumer behaviour, making psychological research and know-how available to support your decision-making. Dr. Stephen Skippon has approaching twenty years’ experience in the field as both a consumer marketer (he was Marketing Innovation Manager for Shell Consumer) and a psychologist researcher (he led Shell’s behavioural science research programme). Prior to setting up Lemons to Lemonade he was Chief Technologist of the multi-partner, multi-million pound Consumers, Vehicles, and Energy Integration project to test ways of integrating the extra energy demand from people charging electric vehicles into the U.K.’s electricity system. He has consulted for major international and national organisations in the energy, transport, pharmaceuticals, and fast-moving consumer goods sectors.

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