Innovation Workshops

In the modern economy businesses need to be able to develop and get new products and services to market regularly just to stay still, let alone to grow. But how to come up with new ideas that customers will find appealing and compelling? Large companies have high-powered consumer insight teams, well-oiled marketing planning processes, and the ability to hire expensive, specialist London-based innovation agencies to support them in this. Smaller enterprises aren’t so lucky.

Managers of small companies can find the prospect of developing new products and services daunting and risky.

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Ideas Generation Projects

Generating new ideas is a psychological process that anyone is capable of with the right support. That’s exactly what Lemons to Lemonade has to offer. Where traditional “brainstorming” can elicit new ideas based on conventional thinking about customers and their needs, we have a repertoire of techniques that enable people to generate new ideas using new thinking that frames the market and customers’ needs and practices in novel ways. Our Business Coach, Dr. Stephen Skippon, previously headed Shell’s global downstream Gamechanger grass-roots innovation scheme, which encouraged staff throughout the organisation’s worldwide network of companies to come up with ideas; and was Marketing Innovation Manager for Shell Consumer. He has worked closely with the best of those specialist London-based innovation agencies. Our Ideas Generation Projects for small and medium-sized enterprises are grounded in a combination of relevant psychological theory and practical experience.

Successful Innovation Workshops depend on preparation and having effective stimulus materials. Lemons to Lemonade’s Ideas Generation Projects involve a two-step, collaborative process. First, we’ll work together with members of your staff to do the groundwork preparing the way and assembling materials that will provide stimuli for ideas to be created in the workshop session. This preparation will invariably involve listening to customers. Second, we’ll run a one-day Ideas Generation workshop with a group of your staff, using the stimulus material we’ve compiled. Our Ideas Generation workshops use a variety of tried and tested techniques for eliciting new ideas, and usually involve some direct contact with customers. Depending on the product or service category involved and our client’s preferences, the session might be organised as a Customer co-creation process, with client’s staff and customers working alongside each other. Finally, we’ll work with you to select the most promising ideas, and work these up into outline Customer Value Propositions – statements of how customers will benefit from the idea and how it’s differentiated from what competitors have to offer.

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