Strategy Formulation Workshops

All organisations have goals – the things they seek to achieve. A strategy is a plan to achieve an important goal. However even the largest of organisations have limits on the resources, time, money, and people they can deploy in the pursuit of any goal; these constraints are more severe for small and medium-sized organisations. In reality, few plans play out exactly as intended: there are always obstacles and barriers that get in the way. For commercial businesses, competitors are a major source of obstacles to success, and even customers may pose obstacles if they don’t respond as positively as intended to its products and services. Thus a realistic strategy can be defined as 'a plan to achieve an important goal with limited resources in the face of obstacles'.

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Large organisations have specialist departments for formulating strategy, but this is a luxury that smaller organisations can seldom afford. The critical job of formulating a strategy falls on the shoulders of managers who may not have had any specific training in how to do it. That’s where Lemons to Lemonade’s Strategy Formulation Workshops come in.

Our Business Coach Dr. Stephen Skippon has substantial experience at formulating strategy in competitive environments. In our interactive half-day workshops we provide managers in small and medium-sized organisations with a firm grounding in the knowledge and skills that larger organisations use to formulate their strategies. The workshops culminate in a strategy formulation exercise that enables attendees to put their learning into practice.

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