Team Effectiveness Programmes

Effectiveness in organisations can depend on technology, logistics, and on organisational processes, but it also depends on people and teamwork. Lemons to Lemonade offers two programmes to enhance your organisation’s effectiveness.

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Delivering Effective Action Workshop

Teams made up of motivated, capable people are not always as effective as they could be. Our full-day workshop, based on psychological science, is designed to increase the capacity of workplace teams to deliver effective action in pursuit of their organisation’s goals. It covers:

  • the conditions for effective co-operation between team members and how to create them;
  • how to ensure team members understand and acknowledge each other’s perspectives;
  • how to minimise intra-team conflict;
  • how to ensure that a team fully understand their leaders’ intent;
  • working with directed opportunism - freedom of action within boundaries.

Workshops can be run at your own premises; though we recommend running them as away-days to facilitate maximum engagement and commitment; we can run workshops at our own premises at Broughton Retail Park, or at alternative venues such as Gladstone’s Library in Hawarden with its excellent facilities. Workshops are run jointly by Dr. Rachel Skippon and Dr. Stephen Skippon.

To arrange a Developing Effective Action Workshop for your organisation call us on 07376 010506 or email us.

Exploring and Resolving Team Problems

When a workplace team has serious problems with its effectiveness these can often be caused by the system of interactions among its members or between its members and the leadership. Lemons to Lemonade offers a way to resolve these problems: a form of “therapy” for teams in difficulty. As psychologists we are skilled at exploring and unpicking the dynamics of interactions within a team, using a range of methods such as interviews, observation of meetings, and accompanying members as they carry out their activities. We work openly and collaboratively with the team, positioning ourselves not as a threat but as allies and helpers. Once we have a clear picture of what’s going wrong and why, we work collaboratively with the team, and where appropriate their leadership, to build mutual understanding and acknowledgement of each other’s perspectives and more helpful ways of interacting. Exploring and Resolving Team Problems projects are conducted jointly by Dr. Rachel Skippon and Dr. Stephen Skippon.

To arrange an Exploring and Resolving Team Problems Project for your organisation call us on 07376 010506 or email us.