Parenting when you are Separated or Divorced

Separation or Divorce can add all kinds of extra difficulties to the job of being a parent. Children can be hurt and confused, and parents can’t always find ways to co-operate over parenting when relationships between them are difficult.

This half-day workshop covers:

  • Issues around residence and contact
  • Conflict between you and your former partner
  • Talking with children before, during and after your divorce/separation
  • Relationships with step-siblings
  • Different parenting styles and boundaries
  • Developing confidence in your new role

The workshop provides you with realistic, practical, skills and strategies for parenting in ways that acknowledge your children’s perspectives and the constraints that you’re under. It also recognises the extra stresses that parents in this situation experience, and provide skills and strategies for coping with them. It is run jointly be Dr. Rachel Skippon and Dr. Stephen Skippon and is usually held at Gladstone's Library in Hawarden. The cost is £50.

If you're interested in attending the next workshop please let us know using the contact form below or by emailing us at We'll be scheduling the next workshop when we sufficient expressions of interest.