Life Coaching: How to succeed with your New Year Resolutions

Many of us make resolutions at New Year to make big changes in our lives. Often we find many of these resolutions come to nothing. Here we look at the reasons why they might not work out, and how Life Coaching can help keep you on track to success.

New Year Resolutions

Usually we go through life without giving our longer-term goals much thought. We don’t have the time and find ourselves too caught up in the merry-go-round of our busy lives. New Year is different, the start of a fresh year can inspire us to reflect on our lives and make new commitments to change things for the better. For instance we might commit to quit smoking, lose weight, or do more exercise; to find a less stressful job or a better paid one; or to spend more time with our friends and family.

How the outside world gets in the way

We fail for two reasons. First, the world we live in doesn’t always co-operate with our resolutions, and sometimes it seems to work actively to prevent them. A plan to go out jogging every other morning can easily be thwarted by weeks of freezing January weather; the search for a new career can hit a brick wall when we find that employers want qualifications we don’t have.

How our other goals get in the way

Second, we, or more specifically all our other goals, are obstacles to our own success. The vast majority of our behaviour is carried out in the pursuit of mental goals. Every one of us has many goals, though most of the time we’re not consciously aware of them all. We have a few long-term strategic goals about what we want from life. Then we have goals about how we’re going to achieve those long term-goals, and sub-goals about how we’re going to achieve those, and so on. The trouble is, nobody has the time or energy to pursue all their goals at once, so our goals compete in our minds for access to our time and energy. Our New Years Resolutions have to win this mental competition to give themselves a chance of success.

How Life coaching can help you succeed

To tackle outside obstacles, you need to find new approaches, apply your existing skills in new ways, or re-think your goals. Life Coaching can help you find your own ways to do this.

To tackle competing personal goals, Life Coaching can help by enabling you to clarify what your goals are, identify which compete or conflict with your resolutions, and how to manage these personal dilemmas.

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