Covid-19: How we're working with therapy and coaching clients

At Lemons to Lemonade the safety of our clients and of our staff is our paramount concern.

At the moment guidance from our professional associations and the Welsh Government indicates that, because of the risk of Covid-19 infection in face-to-face contact, giving therapy via video or phone is safer than working face-to-face. Based on this, we’re currently working with our therapy and coaching clients via online video or phone, whichever the client prefers.

In working in this way for the time being, we’re taking account of the fact that at the time of writing the rate of new Covid-19 infections is rising. We’re also taking into account the present scientific uncertainty about the risk of the SARS-CoV-2 virus being transmitted via aerosols (tiny droplets that are breathed out and are too small to drop to the ground). Aerosols can linger in the air, especially indoors, much longer than the bigger droplets that are transmitted via coughs and sneezes.

We’re keeping a close eye on when we can safely resume face to face sessions. We shall re-start them as soon as there’s a scientific consensus that it’s safe to do, and when that consensus is reflected in the guidance we receive from our professional associations and the Welsh Government.